Sunset at Ocean Beach in SF

Sunset at Ocean Beach today in SF near my house. It was so windy, I held on to my tripod for dear life.

What technical feedback would you like if any? White balance in the water. Is it too green? Too blue? Too something else? Does it have too much “pop” (contrast and saturation)? Should I lighten the rocks or darken the background? Any other suggestions welcome.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Quite nice Tony…nice rays and a nice sky.
I might have got a bit higher so the rock is a bit more below the horizon.

Thanks. The rock is problematic, unfortunately getting higher was not possible. I guess that’s why god invented drones. But I hate drones…

This looks to be below the Cliff House. Yes, that beach can be extremely windy. The sun rays look nice. A bit more space on the left would have been nice.


This is quite beautiful! I think the color balance throughout is very good, and specifically the ocean, looks good to me, if anything leaning green. But after all that is often the color depending on conditions, etc.

Not too much to suggest. I really like the balance and placement of the rock(s). Sure, the near merge of the rock with the horizon is worth mentioning, but not sure what could have been done without that drone or a ladder… :roll_eyes:

Given the sun about ready to break through, you could probably get away with brightening the sky, or at least the breaking light rays. But that’s pretty minor. Lastly, some room on the left as Igor suggests (and for that matter on both right and left.) Again, very minor.

This is quite the beautiful seascape sunset - as presented.