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Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Composite; double processing the same file to retain (some) detail in the sun

Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200
polarizer+ND 6 Stop’s


Simple, but extremely pleasing. I love the melancholy mood.

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This is simply beautiful. Love it. Could this be shot to look like this without the ND filter?

Deceptively simple, but I have a feeling this was harder than it looks. I like the image and the excellent control in the presentation.

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Wonderfully soft sun and sea image. The horizonline looks too sharp with all the softness.

Joao, first of all congrats on this wonderful presentation! It is especially interesting to me how you create an appealing tension by the only slightly decentered position of the sun and the horizon. This makes for a nice dynamic balance to my eye. Finally the color palette conveys the atmosphere immediately to me. Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful. Simple and serene.

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Simple and serene came to my mind as well; sometimes there is such deep beauty and moodiness in the understated.

That lower right corner tends to grab my eye out of the scene. You might play with contrast/color to get it to more match the lower left corner.

I like it. Seems very calming for some reason. @Stephen_Stanton brings up an alternative point. I don’t know if it would be better with a smooth blend between sea and sky, just something to ponder.

@joaoquintela , I think @Peter_Richter makes a very good point here, having these elements slightly de-centered like works really well. It generates a much more creative interpretation than either using dead center symmetry or the rules of thirds here. And kind of related to that point, I also like how you put the sun so close to the top frame edge, it adds another element of dynamic tension to the image. Really beautiful work Joao…

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I don’t think so…
this was an 8 sec exposure, shot at the lower ISO value.
One could try to blend several different exposures but the result is not that smoth.

Thank you for your suggestion. Actually it toke me some time to grab that “shape” /tone on the LRC trying to mimic the “shape”/tone on the middle left side of the frame

Sometimes less is more and that is certainly the case her, Joao. This seascape has a wonderful serene vibe that I find very inviting. This would look superb hanging on a doctor’s office wall. Very nicely done!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.

A simple and serene image. Sometimes, these “simple” scenes are the hardest to capture and efffectively present. Well done!