Superb Fairy Wren and rework

We have 27 species of Fairy Wrens in Australia. They have names like Splendid, Lovely and Superb. They are thumb size and fast.

The one above is a young male. When he grows to an adult he will be black, grey and electric blue. His tail has
the giveaway blue colouring. Females are a drab brown with a cute little mask.

I’ve added a gradient burn from the top left diagonally down to the blade of grass. There has been enough contrast on the bird to make him just tad “poppier”. I’ve also used a tiny Curves Layer to darken down the bright side of the grass on the LHS.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments and criticisms are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


I love the composition and pose, Glennie. A beautiful image of a wonderful bird. The fairy wrens are some of my favorites from that part of the world. I like your choice of leaving in the two extra grass blades.

How very cute! Love the pose and being on the blades of grass gives some perspective of how tiny he is! Beautiful background colors too.

A great image. Love the inclusion of the environment and the composition. So compelling. Head turn, tail up… all just add to the image. Very nice!

What a gorgeous portrait of a cute little bird!! The pose is full of energy and the title describes the overall image so well!! The colors and contrast feel a bit muted – not a criticism but I wonder about just a tweak more?

My eye wanders into the fairly empty UL – I wonder about a gentle darker gradient up there, tapering from the corner all the way to the bird.

I love their names!

I like the pose and setting. The background works well with the bird and grass. A pleasing composition.

Thank you everyone!

I’ve taken another look at the image after Diane’s comment. I’ve posted the rework above.

Although the original is gorgeous, the rework really takes it up a notch. Beautiful.

I like this composition–clean, crisp, and simple! I prefer the reworked over the original as it shows off the bird better with the subtle increase in contrast. Awesome photo…Jim

Thumbs up for the RP – and congratulations on the EP! Very well deserved!

Seems like a lovely species to me. I love the shot, the positioning of the bird in the frame and the space around the bird. Although nothing wrong with the repost, I like the original just as well :wink: … Congrats on the EP ! Cheers, Hans

What a beautiful image, Glennie, such a lovely composition. I do like the softness and lightness of the first image more than the shadows of the rework.

A really outstanding image with great composition, detail, color, pose, and environment. A well-deserved editor’s choice.

What a beautiful image Glennie. You’ve got terrific light, and pleasing head turn, and the tail sticking up. The background is just beautifully blurred out. I also love the grass perch . How unique. I think I like the original ULC but I prefer the Repost of the burned down grass blade. Well done.