Three issues:
1- The current tag for wildflowers was missing from the WC tag list.
2- Is there a way to have the order of weekly challenge tags start with current WC at the top of the list?
3- Are there more relevant tags for the Macro and Close-up category that could be added?


Hey David,

  1. This is an odd one, the tag does exist but is not showing in the list for some reason. If you start typing in the tag (in this case type in 939) then it will show up. I’ll look into this further. Edit: this is fixed.
  2. I’m afraid there is not, but again you can just type in the tag number, or even the name and it will find it, this is by far the fastest and easiest way.
  3. If you or anyone else have any suggestions I will be happy to consider and add them!

Maybe you could add the location list to the macro/closeups gallery?

This is done! Let me know if you think of anything else.

Image stacking, macro lens, etc. for several categories.