Take off

What technical feedback would you like if any?

any and all.
i burned down the background some.did i do it enough?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

any and all

Any pertinent technical details:

iso 1600 388 mm f9.0 1/4000

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Hi Frank,

Awesome action shot. Looks good as presented. Well done…Jim

Great action, Frank. You caught the wing spread just right. The background treatment worked fine. It has the look of one of those Texas birding ranch ponds which always look a bit raw and unfinished to my Northwesterner’s eye, but the burning tamed it well.

Excellent image.

This is pretty cool, Frank. 1/4000 shutter did a great job freezing the action. It’s also kind of comical, as if the bird was startled to see you interrupting its bath :laughing:
I would only suggest that if you have more room on the left to allow more for it to escape from your intrusion. Fun stuff!

Awesome capture, Frank. I love the wing spread, and all the feathers wet, the look on his face, but the the water drops spraying out around the bird just is a real plus. Great shot.

Wonderful low POV, were you laying on the ground? The large version is awesome, sharp and crisp. You nailed it!

Very cool image. The water drops are just awesome. Nicely timed and captured.

This is spectacular. You were obviously ready for it, so good on you for the execution. I have no negatives at all. Excellent work.

A once in a lifetime image showing a spread eagle pose and everything, including the water droplets, are in sharp focus. Very nice!

Wonderful action shot with nice diagonals between the birds body and the wing spread. Perfect depth of field.

Spectacular action shot and nice colors. The BG fits the image well. Nothing negative to remark.

What they said. !

Fine image! Great action, flying water drops, perfect pose.
Where was this taken? Looks like perhaps one of the Texas photo ranches.


What an awesome shot! Congratulations on the WP