Taking a break

I was at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and looking for small subjects. Not sure what type of fly this is but was larger than the common house fly.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any suggestions are welcome

Technical Details

R7 rf 100 f/2.8 1/640 f/9 iso 800 This photo is not cropped but was rotated just a bit in this angle.

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Nice find and capture, Dean. I’m not sure what kind of fly it is, but we have similar ones here in NC. I think I would try cropping a bit off the right side, maybe even a little off the left side to make it a square crop and see how that looks. Where the flower and the fly are centered, I think that would pretty good. I like how the wings are showing. You managed the lighting well on this. The wings can be reflective. Was it natural light? Looks like it.

That was In natural light, @Shirley_Freeman I have been trying to avoid a photo when the wings are not hit by sunlight but it is tricky sometimes.

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Great shot, Dean. I can see what @Shirley_Freeman means about a square crop. Also was wondering if you used a polarizer? Sometimes that helps with reflective surfaces. Just a thought.

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I have tried a polarizer on these subjects but that did not help the reflection off the wings. That said I need to try one with a better angle to see if the filter helps when the reflection is lower.

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