Taking a rest break updated

I was photographing a sider and this one stopped shortly for a rest. I do not think it is a bee but I liked the way it landed and the shadow. I did a square crop putting the main subject in the lower right to open the scene for take off direction

Specific Feedback Requested

I whole image was pretty dark so I destaurated the area around the made subject and did the reverse with the subject trying to bring it out. Was not sure if a square or 4x5 crop was best but this seemed to work

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 6D2 Canon 100-400 ii with a D500 Close up. This lens is very fast in focus than the Canon 180 I have. f/14 1/320 ISO 400. I need to work with around f/10 to see if the subject stays completely focused. That would have been better than f/14 but I have had issues with wider openings and DOF. I have been using Topaz Sharpen AI as a smart filter in PS and that seems to be working well so I may try f/9 or even 8 next time.

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Dean, it looks something like a Hoverfly that we have here in the east. If I recall you are in the west, to it could be something else. Maybe someone else can ID it.

I like the square crop and the placement of the subject. Looks like you did well at managing what looks like some harsh light on the subject. There is one brighter and sharper leaf over on the right edge that could be dulled down by darkening/blurring. It being right at the edge it wants to pull my eye out of the frame a bit. Might just be me. I’m so glad that you are able to have a few small subjects posing for you. I’m so looking forward to things getting more lively in our yard. Haven’t had any spiders or anything for a few months now.

Thanks for the comment @Shirley_Freeman If you are referring the one in the lower right corner I agree. In fact that easy to remove all together.

Dean, you are welcome. I’m sorry for the confusion though on the leaf I was talking about. It is straight off from the subject, sharp and a bit brighter than those near it, and is right at the edge of the image. It isn’t a major deal. I just found it caught my eye somewhat and could be an easy fix. I think the leaves at the bottom right are fine.

I made some adjustments using comments that @Shirley_Freeman posted. I do think this helped toning down the leaf