Taking Refuge - Full Frame

The first cold snap of the mild PNW winter and the Anna’s sought refuge to perch in the trees.
I found the only angle possible to get this view and I liked the result so much I did not remove a pixel.
Except for Landscape, I rarely do not crop an image.
It is also barely processed, some NR,

some color added, nothing removed, this is basically the RAW image.
I had what I consider about as good light as possible in the NW in winter, 1/2000 at iso1000, a dream…
I have the IQ and pixels to do a standard crop or about any reasonable crop but I just liked the entire view.
Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

D610, 600mm (300 f2.8 w/ 2x), f7.1, 1/2000, iso1000

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the full view, Dan, though I think you might want to try burning the leaves in the upper left a bit. I know it’s a joy to actually have some sun this time of year, but they do pull my eye away from the Anna’s.

Superb detail and color. I like the pose. Background does work. I agree with Dennis about the orange leaves. You could do a vignette. I do find the leaf directly over the head to be the most distracting. I would try a very delicate cloning operation to remove it.