Tale as old as time

One of the oldest landscapes in the UK and the forces that helped shaped them. These cliffs were formed about 560 million years ago when two continents collided with the sea giving way. Today the sea is back and has shaped these jagged cliffs to how they appear today.

I really wanted to try and capture the essence of the two main elements in this scene and how they interact but are still inherently separate.

Sony A7ii | Canon 16-35mm f4L
24mm | 20s | f/14 | ISO100
0.9 Soft GND
Circular Polariser
Single shot

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Eugene, I love the moodiness in this image. There is also a wonderful contrast between rough/soft here, with the interplay between the textures and shapes in the rocks against the lovely pastel color in the sky. BTW, the colors in the sky are gorgeous, great job on the processing here.

Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

@Ed_McGuirk Thanks Ed. That’'s good feedback to hear as I was trying to highlight the interplay yet still difference between the elements. It’s an absolutely crazy section of coastline in terms of the geology.

@Anil_Rao cheers Anil, much appreciated

I like the pastel color in the sky. It gives the eye something to rest on as the other elements draw you through the image.

Thanks Richard! I thought the sky calmed things down a bit after all the chaos of the rocks and the sea.

Lovely photo and well done for getting it in a single shot. Makes me want to head over to that part of the coast

Thanks! I generally try to get things in one shot if I can. Yeah, it’s such a cool part of the world. There are so many photo opportunities around there