Tawny Owl

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Would you have cropped it more ?

Any pertinent technical details: Nikon D500 @ 500mm | 1/250s | f4 | ISO1800 | underexposed 1/3EV | monopo

I had driven past this tree several times, before I finally found the dweller at home. Taken in first morning light. Thanks for any comments, Cheers, Hans
for more please check https://www.hansoverduin.nl/two-times-tawny-2/

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Hi Hans,

Reminds me of the Beatrix Potter short story of Old Brown the owl in the misadventures of squirrel Nutkin. Crop more off the left and I like the arch of leaves on the right…Jim

What a cool setting. The hole is really nice as is the vegetation around the tree. I don’t know what the original looked like but from this view, I would consider a vertical crop since the tree is such a dominant vertical line. I would also dodge around the hole in the tree out to the edge of then oval to provide more visual pull to the owl.

what a great find!
the leaf colours add a lot. I think a closer crop on 3 sides (not on left, and leaving a ring off leaves) ) would preserve the feeling of the image yet provide more focus on the owl. I like keith’s suggestion to dodge around the nest hole to brighten it up.
Rally fine image!

I actually like the image as cropped. I think the tree is well framed by the leaves. I do think that if one was going for a tighter crop vertical alignment would be reasonable to try. This is not typical for most of your images; sometimes it’s nice to step outside the box.

I find it interesting that the hole in the tree seems a perfect match as if it were made for the owl. Fun shot, Hans.

A beautiful tree and a nice owl to fit the hole, Hans. I have no problem with the current crop, though I think the vertical others have mentioned would also work well. It all depends on what you want to emphasize. Keith’s idea of a bit of dodging around the entrance to make the owl pop more sounds like it would work very well.

Thanks all for your thinking and suggestions ! Will experiment a bit with your ideas, well-appreciated ! Cheers, Hans

I agree with Dennis. If you want closer, then the suggested crops would be good. But I like this for an environmental shot giving a good feel for where they live. The colors a nice too. The focus does look a bit soft on the bird. But I’m really drawn to this shot. Nice!

Very cool image design. I’d leave it as-is. Light looks like it hit the bird just right.