Temagami Dawn 5




Another Temagami dawn photograph. You never know what it will be like with the first light of dawn, but as you can see, it did quite a number on the tree-tops, hitting them with golden light. For me, the low rising mist and the towhead poking up through the water’s surface lends a slightly ominous feel to the image but maybe that’s just me having watched “Deliverance” one too many times. Any thoughts or feelings about this picture would be much appreciated.

Is this a composite: No

Beautiful capture, Kerry. The fog/mist on the water adds wonderful ambiance, and the I love the way the shoreline on the left winds around and disappears, making me want to follow it. Plus, I always enjoy searching the shorelines for the little surprises they sometimes hold. Very, very nice.

I am finding a strange contrast between the mood and look of the image, with the fog and quiet and then the brightness of the tree tops. It just looks odd to my eye. Everything else looks really good.

@Harley_Goldman - thanks for this, Harley. I felt something wasn’t quite right and I think you put your finger on it. I have posted a rework where I pulled way back on the dodging in the tree tops. How does that look to you? Too little, too much, just right?

To my eye, too little but definitely an improvement.

Not to bug you, Harley, but I did a proper rework and toned it down some more. I want to be consistent with the mood but I don’t want to lose too much of tonal and colour contrast.

It is looking better with each iteration. Nice.