Temagami Dawn 6

As I have been looking at and post-processing many of these Temagami-Dawn photographs, I realize how incredibly lucky I am. At age 70, I’m still able to get in a canoe with my wife and paddle for a month. I am able to visit these incredible places that can’t be reached any other way. There are no crowds – stacks of people lining up at dawn to take the same photograph that has already been taken a thousand times before. I had never heard the term, “tripod holes” until @Ed_McGuirk made me smile by explaining it to me in one of his posts. There really are no “wild places” left in the world but here in canoe country, it is possible to get pretty close.
What I hope to emphasize in this image (as in the others) is not the spectacular but the quiet complexity that, for me, is the essence of the Canadian Shield experience.
As always, I am most interested in your emotional response to the image. But I would also appreciate feedback on colour balance, composition or any other technical aspect that might serve to further enhance it.

Is this a composite: No


Wonderfully soft photo, Kerry. My first thoughts, when I saw the thumbnail, were; quiet, calm, peaceful, contemplative and a great place to wander for hours! Good to hear you have these wonderful places right in your back yard. Nicely done.

I love the light and the peaceful, tranquil. The tree on the left is throwing off the balance of the comp for me. I played with a few crops with no success. It is almost like a barrier to my eye, keeping me from getting out the wonderful island and great fog. Great to have a getaway to uncrowded places. My back doesn’t let me backpack anymore, so it is harder and harder to find that kind of peace.

What a wonderful location Kerry … I can see why you and your wife are so drawn to explore and experience this area, and I’m pleased to hear that you continue to do so. May that continue for many a year.

I think it’s a wonderful image with all the features laid out in a pleasing composition, that draw the eye around the picture. The reflection, still water, and reeds in the BLC; the curving rock of the shoreline leads to the orange/pink reflection; then the 3 stumps, and the island separated from the background by the early morning mist; then the ridgeline, and the sky. Normally, so many features in one image don’t work for me - but in this case, I really like the story that builds as you explore the image.

You have clearly communicated the calm, tranquility, and natural beauty in this image. Beautiful!

Wow, talk about calm and peaceful looking and the best part is that you and your wife had this to yourselves! The light fog is a wonderful element, but what I really love in this scene is the subtle pinks in the sky and those reflected in the water. I can see why you both enjoy this area so much as it is quite beautiful.

Nothing to add, just stopping by to say I’ve really enjoyed this series from you!

@linda_mellor - Well not quite in our back yard but point taken - we are blessed.
@Harley_Goldman - bummer about the back, man, but, often as not, restrictions make for great art.
@Jon_Norris - Thanks Jon. Yeah, sometimes it can all add up to too much but I agree with you, I think this one holds pretty well together as a cohesive whole.
@Ed_Lowe - I actually set my camera to the Velvia mode in hopes of picking up these traces of colour.
@David_Wallace - Thanks, David. One of these days soon, I want to put these together as a pdf monograph. One of these days soon …

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