Temagami Dawn: Stillness

This is why I get up at five in the morning to wander around with my camera – moments of pure solitude. To be sure it isn’t quiet, but it is so still that every flap of a wing, chirp of a cricket and rustling of a leaf is heard as part of a great, subtle symphony, the vital dialogue of life. Woe betide human beings when we cannot hear it anymore either because we’ve forgotten how to listen or because we’ve driven life into hiding.

Your thoughts, feelings or critical comments are, as always, most welcome.

Is this a composite: No


Real great sense of stillness and calm. The understated colors nicely add to the tranquil mood.

Your image totally capture the thoughts that you have shared, Kerry, at least for me. Wish a place like this was around here. Truly wonderful image.

That’s the trip that keeps on giving. Oh how much I love that you love that connection you feel with nature. You’re right about so many not getting it or being cut off from it by circumstance of birth.

Nice work. This captures well the spirit of the moment and the place. Tranquility abounds.

Your strong connection to nature and to this place that you love, clearly comes through in both your image and the mini-essay that accompanies it. The stillness and solitude of early morning is one of the things that I enjoy most about landscape photography. There is a special sense of clarity at this time of day.

The soft, delicate colors in the sky and water perfectly complement the tranquil stillness of the water. The hazy distant background trees and mountain also add to the tranquil mood. I’m enjoying this image a lot Kerry.

Initially, I thought the green trees in the foreground might be slightly too saturated to be harmonious with the softer, pastel colors in the rest of the image. But after studying the image I think the stronger greens do help draw attention to the anchor point of the foreground trees, so in the end it works for me.

@Harley_Goldman , @linda_mellor, @Kris_Smith , @Igor_Doncov , @Ed_McGuirk - Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and impressions. To be honest, I think this image will be much more meaningful as part of series rather than as a stand alone. I’m hoping to find the time to finally put together a monograph - “Temagami Dawn” - with a selection of the best of these dawn images with some added text. I know how to create the pdf by just using Lightroom Book but I am nearly illiterate when it comes any kind of IT stuff so I need to figure out how to post a link so that the pdf can be readily opened and viewed. Can any of you point me in the right direction?