Tenacious C

While prowling the Granite Dells with Diane, I spotted this downed cottonwood with this lovely branch sprouting from it, proving that life still goes on in the face of the worst hardships. I loved the soft light coming through to brighten up those little leaves. I wish the bark hadn’t been picked over, but what can you do?

Specific Feedback Requested

Ideas for processing welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr for all processing, but it didn’t need much more than a curves adjustment, a white balance shift and some texture.

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I see this as a photo that tells a story and the bark is an important part of that story. Also, it is a lovely image with the contrast between bark and new leaves. Cottonwoods are remarkable trees.

I would have enjoyed this even without the young branch sprouting, because I love tree bark in all its shapes and textures. Yes, nice soft lighting you have here Kris and I’m enjoying the texture portrayed here. Funny that the new growth is going sideways, as if it thinks the tree is still standing.

Love the title of this Kris. It’s amazing to me how nature just keeps moving on and even in the grips of what climate change is doing to the planet, nature always wins. This is a testament to the power of survival. This little sprout looks like its starting to show it’s fall colors as well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: