Tetons Again

Nikon D750 Nikon 24-120 1/125th F14 ISO 100

This is the Snake River overlook. I like the nice clouds in the sky. I added some midtone contrast boosting which helped. The blue sky reflection in the river is an added bonus.

Thoughts and critiques welcome.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Another nice image from the Tetons Andrew. The classic comp works quite nicely and I agree the blue reflecting in the river is positive element in the scene.

I hadn’t thought about this previously, but agree with @Ed_McGuirk 's comment about going b&w here. While I think you processed this well, the mid-day light just isn’t very dramatic. B&W could quite easily provide a bit more drama. As presented, the only suggestion I have would be to tone down the brightest whites in the clouds as I’m guessing they’re clipped/washed out a little. Great clouds though.


Andrew, this is a fine, classic look at the Tetons, with the river standing out well. I’m finding the haze on the mountains a bit distracting. You may be able to reduce that with some burning and dodging using luminosity masks to increase the contrast on the mountains. This kind of haze is something that I’m noticing more and more in the Northern Rockies. It really interferes with long distance views like this.

Thanks for the input. The haze is puzzling to me too. The recent Teton images were from last October so heat was not an issue. I wonder if the wildfires out west last year were having a larger effect on the haze than the naked eye could see. I head back in a few weeks to the Tetons so hopefully the haze issues will be gone with the cold, crisp days there now.

Fine view of the Tetons. I would crop down from the top some to just above the clouds and try to remove or lessen the blue tones in the mountains.