Tetons Fall Pano

This is the last of three panorama images I will post from my fall trip last year. This area is just up the hill from Oxbow Bend. Not sure if I have ever seen another image posted from this particular spot. Large pullover area so it is not hard to find. I have an image with just the large mountain and the aspens on either side but I think the pano view is better. Note the water on the extreme right side.

Specific Feedback Requested

All input appreciated. Always trying to improve.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon Z6 II with 24-120 lens. ISO 100, F14, 1/125. 8 image pano

Really like this one, Andrew. The colors are sensational. The pano feels a bit centered, but I don’t know how I’d change the comp, so I’ll just sit here and enjoy it.

Unique view and great colors without being overdone! I think several crops are possible – no reason one may be better than the others, though.

I agree with @Diane_Miller about there being several possible crops in this image. The pathway and the bushes down on the bottom left of the image are really drawing my eye so I would clone those out so it’s not so much of a pull. Colors look good to me.