Tetons from The Winds

This a smokey sunset view of the Tetons from a peak I was camping on in the Wind River Range last summer. You can also see a small selection of the Green River and lake. I would have loved to get the river leading into the Tetons but due to the constraints of the mountain top (300-1000’ cliffs) and topography this was the best composition available.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the brightness of the rocks in the foreground too distracting or does it add more realism to the image? When looking at this scene with my eyes I could see this level of detail in the rocks. Color/saturation is pretty much spot on to what I captured/saw in camera but I boosted the shadows to add more depth in the layers, would it look better darker?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/500 sec
ISO 100

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FG brightness is not distracting IMHO. I certainly wouldn’t want it any darker than presented here. My only nit is that the river isn’t adding much to the image with most of it being blocked by the sloping mountainside. I like the colors and saturation.

Now that’s a very cool and different view of the Tetons, thank you for sharing this with us. I do not think the brightness of the near foreground rocks is either distracting, or unrealistic. There is just enough detail visible there in the lower left corner to get the job done in terms of creating an anchor point. And I would definitely not take this any darker, or you would lose the impact of some of the shapes and lines in the image, to me this is important to maintain.

If anything I would dodge some of the midground layers between the river and sky. I think this would help make the Tetons more prominent, And I think having the layers go lighter as they recede into the distance would create more of a sense of depth. Here is a rework where I dodged the lighter tones in the midground using LM’s. The change is subtle, but IMO it helps.


Thanks, although I like it I can definitely see how it doesn’t add much.

Thanks, I think that does improve the image!

Thank your for sharing, a beautiful image.
For me, the FG is perfect, realistic and with just enough detail. I like the rework of @Ed_McGuirk as well.
I am hesitating about the small part of the river. I can imagine that you tried to get more in the frame, frustrating that the surroundings didn’t allow it. And it is a part of the scene that adds something. But because the reflection on the water is so bright, I might be tempted to remove it. It feels a bit distracting from the beautiful aerial perspective.

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Thanks Han! I can definitely see how the river is distracting to the overall frame. I rarely remove elements from my images but I’ll probably ponder on your suggestion for some time!

I am also reluctant in removing elements from my images, nature doesn’t need to be enhanced or improved. But I learned that it is common practice in this community :slightly_smiling_face:, and I don’t have fundamental objections. After all, we present subjective images here, and we try to make them pleasing to the eye…