That diabolical woman put the suet where its hard to reach!

Having fun with our Woodpeckers again!

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 + 1.4X at 508mm, ISO 3200, f/14, 1/1000 sec, cropped to 56% of the full frame, sides and bottom. Shadows and Highlights in LR, into PS for some edge cleanup and Topaz Denoise. Slight vignette on the frame edges.


Oh Diane, you’re just killing it (not the woodpecker, the image)…Absolutely awesome shot. Excellent composition, nice work on the highlights, and that eye focus is fantastic!

Now why would she do such a diabolical thing??? :slight_smile: Great image Diane. Good control of the whites, a good look at the head, the feet and the eye, and such a quizzical look. You can almost read it’s mind. No how do I get there from here without serious bodily harm?

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Woo hoo! What a fantastic pose. Quite energetic and speaks volumes about how agile woodpeckers are. Excellent handling of the big dynamic range, you evil suet person you!

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Thanks guys! The light was bad – a slight high overcast but still too bright by this time. Had to underexpose to try to keep from totally blowing out the whites.

@David_Bostock, I hate to admit it but I would like to kill them. They have eaten all the eggs that my Western Bluebirds have laid, with repeated attempts, in three nest boxes. The nest boxes aren’t deep enough (in height) and the Woodpeckers can reach their heads in, even with the metal guards that keep them from completely enlarging the holes. The holes are fairly deep but they ream them out at an angle. The metal needs to extend into the depth of the hole. I wonder if I can ream it out a bit bigger and glue a piece of thin PVC pipe in the hole?

Wow, I had no idea. Bluebirds are so precious, I can understand your frustration. Wow…

I love the way you set the perch to keep it all in crisp focus, Diane. The pose of the woodpecker fits the lines of the perch very well.

Great pose you captured; different from the usual ACWP pose. Nice color and texture to the perch.

Outstanding image. Detail, exposure, and DOF work well. And a fun title!

Thanks everyone! These Woodpeckers are definitely clowns, but also a public nuisance.

Diane, what a shot! He really did some posing for you. I guess he felt he owed you that. I’m sorry about your bluebirds. Yes, maybe the PVC will help. The mockingbirds have pestered our bluebirds, that and the extreme heat, and I haven’t seen them for about 3 days now. So another lost family of bluebirds. We have baby mockingbirds thought! Great shot!

Hi Diane
Well you did a good job on correcting for the lighting, the whites and black are well controlled. That stick setup seems to give the birds options on how they like to pose. Nice photograph.