The "Arsenal"?

Have you guys seen this thing?
Can it be any good???
Asking for a friend…

Interesting tech. I’d be primarily interested in adding automated focus stacking to cameras without that feature. However, I do not want to be limited to their software for a finished in-camera image. I’m certain that Helicon Focus or other stacking software would do a much better job. The web page does not mention the possibility of accessing the original input image set. The same appears to be true for their high dynamic range blending. This should certainly be clarified. Their FAQ does not address the question.

I have no interest in automated exposure control with AI. I much prefer shooting in manual mode, and would immediately switch the AI exposure feature off. :slight_smile:

A larger preview image on a phone or tablet would certainly be of interest when shooting with a tripod.

Thanks for pointing out this new toy. I’m also curious about how well the features are implemented. I wouldn’t want to be paying to debug their software.