The Black Squirrel of Tinker Park & repost with another pose

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 3200
Vertical crop


Wow, Vanessa! It sounds like it’s a unique squirrel.

You managed catchlights in both eyes - that stare really makes this photo for me. I might crop out a bit of the top to remove the large horizontal bough., and tone down the yellows just a little as they draw my eye away from your star. But even as is, I like this shot very much.

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Thanks Mike! Yes, they are pretty rare to see! At least in this area. I tried using my curve setting in Pixelmator photo. Not sure if it only toned down the yellows but might of done something with the squirrel too. I don’t have LR/PS because I have an app that is made for an iPad which is what I have to work with. I also cropped it, but not sure if it’s too much. I had to have such a high ISO on my camera and my camera doesn’t do too well when it’s that high, might be too grainy?..

I agree with Mike about taking off a bit of the top. Taking only a bit off the top would also have accomplished moving the squirrel up in the frame more toward the thirds line. The noise is definitely more evident with the more extreme crop in your second upload and you’ve still left the squirrel in the middle. I’m not familiar with software for the iPad but look for some free or free trials that include noise reduction. So much of wildlife shooting is done in low light that it’s a very useful feature to have.

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I do have a tool called sharpen, which might be the same thing, but I think this one might not be helped by it. When I first was working with the crop I tried putting the eyes at least at the third line but it looks like his tail doesn’t have enough room to move! And then the part of the tree below is too prominent. That’s just my opinion, but I didn’t think it looked right.

Hi Vanessa !

An interesting subject and I also like the golden light in the BG.
Don’t really know how much crop is this but tree can give you many variations, you may try to keep the squirrel off center.

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Hi Jagdeep! Thanks for looking and your feedback! What do you think about this crop?..

I also have the squirrel in another pose.

I really like the first one, you can have more of the golden BG.

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OOOh that first horizontal crop is lovely. We have black squirrels in the yard all the time, but they’re so fascinating that I can’t help but watch them even though…squirrels. I’m going to have to try to photograph them sometime. Well done!

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Thanks, Jagdeep! Yeah, I really like the golden background too. Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks for your input, Kristen! Interesting, you like the first one too! I think I’m just attached to the 2nd one because I was there and the squirrel had settled down after eye contact with me and looked so cozy and content and I felt had accepted me being there! :slight_smile: But it’s just because it was my experience not the viewers.