The Calm after the storm

On October 2018, the Hurricane Leslie hit Portugal with some, for us, unusual strength.
On a local pond this what I found one or two days later.

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D7100
Nikon 80-200


Beautiful, Joao. A very peaceful and tranquil mood. Very minor, but I might burn the URC and clone the white bits in the water. Really a fine image.

This is lovely. I really like the milky water and the multi colored grasses. :+1: The orange in the broken trunk is a little bit of an eye catcher. Hey it’s a critique forum so I had to nitpick something LOL

Joao, beautiful palette of soft colors. The tree is so interesting as well. I wonder if just a slight vignette would bring down the corners a little as they appear a little overexposed to my eye.

Joao, I appreciate this image a lot. The structure of the tree in the center shows an appealing interplay with the delicate surrounding textures to me. Furthermore, the broken branch is indeed a storyteller in my opinion. Finally the calm reflection adds a kind of serenity that I really enjoy.

As already mentioned by others, I think a slight vignetting could be favorable in this case and might help me to focus my attention on the main subject.

Anyway, I like this image as presented and it belongs to my favorites from your portfolio.