The Chamber of Wonders

Sony A7RIII, Canon 11-24mm with Metabones V adaptor
ISO 400, f14, 30 seconds
Single RAW file

I had an incredible experience photographing a network of large glacier caves near the Juneau area in Alaska last month. Apart from their incredible length and size, there were many photogenic features such as the cavern roofs, ice formations and cascading waterfalls throughout. It was a risk doing my first real shoot with new equipment but apart from looking clueless and fumbling at times, it all worked out.


That is truly an amazing image! Stellar composition, processing, and vision!

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Wow…just WOW!

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Looks like an incredible experience. Really nice capture.

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Kah, It sure did work out!..and you came away with a very impressive image. A perfect composition of an amazing view and I just love the light and cool blue tones. Great look and feel to this image. Very cool!

Beautiful work Kah Kit!

This is simply gorgeous Kah Kit. It’s amazing how much depth and complexity you get out of this image given that there essentially is only one color in the scene. The shapes and textures here really put it over the top.

It looks like a place that should be a setting for Game of Thrones…

Wonderful image, especially the upper part, which sings. I didn’t realize this was the Mendenhall glacier until I read your description. My son took a very similar image there just a few years ago.

This is magnificent. Thank you for sharing. I thought at first it was a photo art piece and had to really look at it. What an experience that must have been!

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This is truly stunning Kah Kit especially the light on the sculpted ceiling of the cave. I think it would make me very nervous being in there.

The “rooftop” is awesome…

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Superb Ice Cave photo, Kah Kit! Excellent job of dealing with the extreme contrast. Lots of clean detail in the dark shadows and a surprising amount of detail at the cave opening where the light is so bright. Very realistic colors also. I have been eyeing that A7RIII for landscape photography and I’m pretty impressed with this difficult shot. I may have to go for it!

Thanks Igor. This isn’t the Mendenhall ice cave which I believe collapsed some years ago, but a network of new caves near Juneau which up till last month had never been explored before.

Thanks Eva. Haha you would be even more nervous if you saw the boulders that had fallen from the ceilings or on top of the roofs. Just need to be aware of the dangerous spots and not stand there!

Wow, stunning work, Kah Kit!

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Thanks Gary, the Sony produced some super clean files even in the darkness of the caves with the long exposures. I was considering the D850 but decided Sony looks like the future for now.

Funnily enough I’ve photographed many of the GOT locations :smiley:

@Nick_Bristol Thanks Nick, it’s hard to comprehend how electric blue the actual experience was!

best ice cave image I’ve ever seen! truly stunning! the comp, the processing, everything flows so effortlessly. beautiful!:heart_eyes:

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Well done Kah Kit - Great to see a post from you.

Great depth and you handled the exposure and post processing beautifully.

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Absolutely beautiful! I love how the winding stream leads your eye to the opening. And the texture of the ceiling is incredible!

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The title captures the qualities of this photo perfectly - this really does look like a chamber of wonders and magic. I also like the cool colors as it adds a great feeling of cold mystery.