The Cunningham Cabin

I have seen many images of the barns on Mormon Row at Grand Teton National Park. This is the Cunningham Cabin in the park. I have never, to my knowledge seen an image of it so I decided to do a sunrise pic on my last trip to the park. That morning there was another photographer there and made the same comment. It was a perfect morning to shoot an image of this cabin, Thanks for looking and any comments.

Canon 7D
Sigma 17-70
Shutter 1/80
Aperture f16
ISO 100

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It was a fine time to be there, warm light and nice clouds. I cannot recall an image of this cabin (but then these days, there is a lot I cannot recall :slight_smile: ). Real nice scene.

Very nice scene, and wonderful warm light.

Boy, ain’t the truth! :slight_smile:

Richard, That warm light looks wonderful and those clouds worked out great for you. Nice job!

Beautiful light here, and great to know it’s still standing.
Lots of images of this icon, but it IS overshadowed by the Mormon Barns.