The dark days of Winter



Shot on a cold day in early January just after the sun had set.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything at all… Does this image speak to you?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


This just feels cold to me. It has a blue tone to it that makes me shiver. Wonderful, soft light.
Terrific composition to include the twiggy foreground elements as well as the trees on the right hand side. I’m just curious if you have any more canvas on the right side or if you composed this because there was distractions to the right of the small trees on the right? I would like to see those trees with a little more breathing room and not cut off. I might crop off the very left edge as there is some white poking through the end of the tree line at the edge of the frame where the trees are thinned out. Looks like a little notch. You could also enhance the light and shadows in the foreground snow to give it a little bit more definition as you have some terrific humps and bumps. Great detail and sharpness throughout. I’m really enjoying this image Tom.

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Thank you for the great feedback David! Unfortunately there is more of a wooded area to the right and including more of it messed up the balance of the image. I did however “fill in” that notch on the left and I also tried to better define the forms in the snowy foreground.

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With that sky I see a great moody winter scene. I would make the darks darker while leaving the whites as is. Reducing the blue tint was probably a good idea.

I also prefer the repost Tom, the reduced blue gives it a more natural feel. For me it certainly evokes a feeling of a cold place with a foreboding sky, but also the beauty of such a place.

You’ve captured the winter mood, Tom. The repost is vastly superior in my opinion, but in any case, it is well composed to evoke the barren vastness and bone chilling cold of winter. The sky is a perfect complement. Is it a marsh?

@Igor_Doncov , @Ryan , @Kerry_Gordon , thank you all very much for your comments! And yes Kerry, I bilieve that this is a marsh or a wetland of some sort. I’ve never been there in the summer but the entire area is full of these wetlands.

Oh, your rework is wonderful! The tones are still cool, but more appealing with the whiter snow. I rather like the trees right on the edge of the right frame. The composition feels quite well balanced to me, with the large open area balancing the trees. The only very, very tiny nit I would change are those tiny sticks closest to the edge of the left frame and pointing to the edge of the frame, near the LLC. If this were mine (and I wish it were!), I’d clone those out. Otherwise - :+1:.

The rework is wonderful Tom. I still says “cold” but is more pleasing than the original.

Thank you Eva, I appreciate you taking the time to comment!