The end of the Winter

Hi everyone,
today I want to show you another shot that I care a lot because it was a work studied in detail to get to give a message and a result that I had in mind for a long time.

The end of winter on the Italian Dolomites is a magical period for landscape and nature lovers like us.
The snow that slowly retires shows the parts of grass that will slowly come back to life in spring time.

The composition of the shot reminds the division of the seasons.

I hope you like it.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Camera: Sony a7RII
Lens: Voigtlander Heliar 5.6m e-mount
3 shots for the high ligths blended with luminosity masks

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn:

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

I probably made a mistake during the upload, I will upload an HD version as soon as I can.
Thank you

Andrea: This is a lovely image. Your message of the divide between seasons is really cool. Love it.

I edited your post so the larger version of the image appears.

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Thank you @Keith_Bauer, I think now it works pretty well, maybe I’ve uploaded a low - res version.

Love the atmosphere in this, Andrea! Nice processing too

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thank you @Eric_Bennett :wink:

Andrea, this my favorite of your recent series of Dolomites images, the light and weather here are very dramatic. And I enjoy the contrast in 'seasons" between the bare ground and snow patch, that tells a nice story. I normally don’t like images that are sharply divided into two halves, but in this image I think it actually works pretty well, it creates some symmetry around the sunstar. Nicely done…

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When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was a seastack and the snow was foam from the ocean! I really like the juxtaposition of the plant and the receding snow. The great light sure helps too!

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Yeah, it could looks like a seastack at the first sight, you 're not the first one who told me this :smile: