The Endless Summer

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Assateague National Seashore

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Very nice image that really tells a story.

Outstanding comp and exposure control, Michael. Both sun and surfer are perfectly positioned in the frame. Guess he was out early in anticipation of the day breeze. I really like the peaceful mood here.

This is about as good as it gets, Mike. The combination of warm and cool colors work beautifully together. I love the wave action along with the fact that the surfer is looking toward the rising sun coming up over the Atlantic. The positioning of the sun and surfer work very nicely and I am enjoying the warm light as it spreads out over the water. No suggestions from me.

Nice arrangement of elements. The colors are complementary and the exposure of the sun, controlled well. Nice.

Great title Michael. As others have said, this certainly tells a story. Love the light, color, and human element.

This is a beautiful image Mike. Obviously the sunrise and surfer are high impact elements. But what I also find very intriguing are the waves, their shape and texture, and the way the light is playing off them. I would suggest doing a very slight dodge to just the highlights in the waves, to bring out the warm light reflecting in the water.


Dang, I thought I had commented - must have been dreaming about this one since I came back to check.

Simply a beautiful capture. the relationship between the surfer and the rising sun is classic. On the one hand, I see that he has missed some waves with nothing coming in the near future… on the other hand, perhaps this surfer is just relishing the moment - connecting with a new day. I’m not a surfer, but I’d be willing to bet these are the moments they cherish.

The reflected colors in the bottom half are wonderful. I’m wondering though if cropping this further from the bottom, say eliminating the darkest wave at the bottom, might enhance that story and relationship between the surfer and the rising sun. Not sure, just a thought.


Great mood image, Michael - the surfer seeming as if he has stopped to meditate before the last light. The soft swell of the waters is especially well handled I feel.