The fell screms

What makes this image expressive?

This was photographed in December in Northern Norway in the morning when a very thin light hits the side of the fell. The light was great and the idea for the picture “the fell is screaming” was already born at the time of shooting. The picture was taken in 2009 and it is absolutely infernals for post-process because there is almost nothing in the raw file but just light gray and all the colors I had to do almost magic. Of course, it also makes a lot of noise, but I got a 40x60cm print of it for the exhibition

Specific Feedback Requested



Thank you Jorma for the image and the back story. I have spent quite a lot of time in Northern Norway, with a Norwegian wife that should be expected! There is a quality to the light there, a delicate beauty that seems to come from another world. A lot has changed in digital photography since 2009 and files can take much more processing now than then. But what you have presented here is a striking and challenging scene.

One of the things I look for in images is do they express the qualities of themselves, the qualities of the artist, or a combination of both: A dance of emotional understanding.

Given your description, I feel this is a little more swayed towards your intention to bring out as much of everything as possible, but, given the title, that is ok.

The light is beautiful, it does feel other-worldly which relates to my experiences in the highlands of the Arctic.

It’s a hard one to pull apart, because it very much is what it is, it feels like it is and it represents what it is. I know you have had to work hard to get colour from it, and that is your creative intent. Certainly it does not fell, or look over-processed, so that has to be a win.

Beautiful and makes me want to get my snowshoes out of our locker in Oslo and wait for winter.

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Thanks a lot Alister for your nice comment. I’ve driven past it dozens of times, but never once has the light been even close to this ancient one. It would be nice if someone else could try to make this from the original file so I could see different versions and it could open my eyes to see it in a different way

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