The flank of Mauna Kea

A well-known Hawaiian icon. Shot while holding the camera high above my head and composing on the LCD flipped down. I don’t think that it would be possible to get this perspective from a tripod.

Minolta Rokkor 24mm at f/11, Sony A7, 1/160s at ISO 640. Capture One.

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Every time I’ve visited this waterfall I wished that I had a ladder. With a tripod/monopod bolted to it. :slight_smile:

Really nicely done. I love the greens and great job with the comp considering how you had to hold the camera! :slight_smile:

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In fact that’s not an obscure wish, though I’d want the ladder securely braced for this shot. Get yourself a Super Clamp and keep it handy for times when tripods simply won’t work. Cheap as cheap can be ($20) and you can mount your tripod head directly to it. We used a bunch of them in the studio, and it wasn’t a big jump for me to discover their utility in my industrial photo contracts and in the field. If I could find a pipe, limb, rail or plank in the right spot, the Super Clamp gave me an instant tripod where the setting wouldn’t allow actual tripod use. I also used them to mount auxiliary lighting, but we don’t need to go there at NPN.

If you’re ever in the Southwest and spot a scruffy old guy driving a ratty red pickup with a 6’ ladder upright in the back, stop me and I’ll demo my Super Clamp. You’ll be amazed in how many settings 9’ of extension on your tripod (6’ of ladder and 3’ of truck) can open up views over riverside vegetation and all sorts of obstructions. It’s also a great way to streeeetch the foreground and middle ground when desired for landscapes, even out in open country.

I’m not the first to think of the idea. I got my start after seeing a photo of Ansel Adams with a platform on top of his car for him and his tripod.


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What a gorgeous and dramatic image. The view is breathtaking!

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Really beautiful, Alberto. Great job framing the falls.

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Agreed, those Super Clamps are a great tool.

I don’t usually travel with a ladder, but on road trips I often climb up onto the roof of my VW Westfalia to give me that elevated tripod platform, a la Ansel.