The frog without a pond

Normally I think of frogs’ habitat as being a pond, however, we don’t have a pond at our place, so the few frogs we do have seem to hang out in the foliage. I found this guy while watering and thought he just looked like he was at home and I was intruding on his nap.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I cropped to 5:4 and some minor adjustments (burning/dodging) in PS. Are the lighter leaves a distraction? Any other thoughts or comments?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Is there enough of his environment? Is it too close? Other comments?

Nikon D7200, tripod, f/18, 1/25 sec., iso 400, 100mm.

Perfect portrait of the critter in its element! Given the darkness of the subject, the light leave area perfect frame. I like the magenta in all places it appears. Normally one likes to see a critter looking into the wider part of the frame, but I much prefer your composition with the leaves framing him and his sharp but sagging eyes looking your way. Cool image.

Hi, Linda. I do find the bright leaves just a bit distracting but, we shoot what’s presented to us, right? It’s still a terrific image with sharp detail and a rather smug-looking toad! BTW, toads are able to spend more time away from water, as their tough, warty skin retains water better than a frog’s.

Linda, this is a fine look at this toad. The water drops on the leaves tell a key part of the story (frogs and toads can stay out of the water as long as their skin stays wet). I also like how that one leaf is hanging over it’s head and how that makes it feel like your friend is looking at the viewer.

Linda, I too like the way that leaf frames him. Wonderful details in the frog. Great find and fine capture.

Thanks you @terryb, @Shirley_Freeman, @Mark_Seaver and @Dick_Knudson for your thoughts and comments. I do enjoy watching these guys. They can be so still, like a statue, and then all of a sudden (in less than a “nano” second) swallow up whatever insect is hovering. Fascinating.

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The bright leaves don’t bother me at all, Linda, and I like the way they frame the toad. Very cool.

Thanks Dennis, appreciate your thoughts and comments.