The gate to the celestial temple

The hike to Lake Blanche located in the Wasatch mountains in northern Utah is rated as “difficult” for several reasons. A two thousand foot elevation climb along a rocky difficult path represents a challenge. And for the first time I was carrying 30 pounds of supplies on my back for the overnight stay. Both my legs were cramping when we reached the summit but not before this moment. We were just over halfway through the hike when I came around the corner to this marvel. Our destination and glowing majestically above Sundial peak was the rising moon and some of the most beautiful cumulus clouds I’ve seen. The hike to heaven was hard and the price stiff but I will never forget…the gate to the celestial temple.

Fuji X-T2
Fuji 55-200mm
Lightroom 8.3.1 Classic/SEFP


Lovely! Perfect as is.

Thanks Tony! It was worth the price of admission.


What an amazing scene.

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It looks like you stumbled into the annual VIP invitation only cream of the crop nature convention. You were a great guest. TY for post,

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Quite Lovely, in every way.

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When I came to the bend in the path and saw this…stopped me in my tracks.

A beautiful capture, Mark @Mark_Seawell. I particularly love the B&W treatment. It gives the scene a nostalgic feel and really accentuates all the details, I feel. The ruins reminds me of a tiny church ruin on the small island of Inis Mór, in Ireland. :blush: Well worth the effort to get to this hidden gem, I’d say.

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Thanks Stephanie and sorry for the tardy reply! It was worth it, no doubt and I look forward to making another trip to Lake Blanche when the autumn foliage is in bloom.