The Gathering

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

61sec f/5.6 ISO100 ND filter

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I love this image my only comment would be to crop out some of the sky, it seems distracting from the focal point.

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I agree, I think you could do without a lot of the sky and it would still work well!

Thanks for the comments @john74 @Matt_Payne and welcome to NPN John.

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I liked the scene between the right rock and the left two with a long exposure that still leaves little detail in the water.
Agree that you can cut out part of the sky. Something in the picture feels to me unbalanced, I guess it has to do with the fact that the left side is more eye-catching with the two interesting rocks and the coastline in the background.
Great shot!


Love this! Definitely see some creatures gathering, emerging from beneath the surface. The somewhat high-key presentation works very well too. Also, really enjoy the effects of the water with the longer exposure and even the presence of a little color in the water adds to the scene (b&w might not be that much different).

Have to agree on the empty space up top. I do think there is a fine line in there somewhere, kinda like the Three Bears story… Too much, too little… just right… :slight_smile: I don’t know where that line is, and I do like square crops. So, hmmmm.

Lastly, the viewpoint and perspective. I get the feeling that you’ve captured this while joining these creatures in the water; this doesn’t look/feel like you’ve captured this from shore and that adds to the mystery and intrigue.


Thanks for the feedback @Ron @Matt_Payne @john74 .
This image is part of a series I’ve been working on. Seascapes with a square crop. Just a challenge for myself. The big blank sky is out of the norm for most of my crops and I’ve tried putting a grad filter on it but it doesn’t bother me as much as it first did and it works well with the other images from the set.

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Thanks for the feedback @Lon_Overacker . Ideally I would have liked to have gotten a bit higher and then I could have had more separation between the rocks and the land in the background, and the sky wouldn’t feel so overpowering. Taken at 191mm for the mystery :smile: