The Genie

This photo was originally taken as a “straight “ photo with my d800, 60mm macro, tripod, cable release etc. Yesterday, I took the photo into my iPhone photo apps. This is the result. Posting from the phone so hoping the quality will be up to standard

I was looking to create a dreamy abstract image. I have read about people using phone apps to manipulate and combining that manipulation with manipulation in PS, so I wanted to see what some phone apps would do first.!
Any commentary fair game

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Wow, another beauty! This is very creative, and all elements work perfectly - the colour palette, the diagonal lines vs circles, the symmetry - all just exceptional.

That is some cool distortion, Kathy. The slight asymmetry adds some interesting tension to the composition. Very nice work.

Thanks Sandy. Some of these phone apps are really interesting. I did not realize that folks were transferring files in and out of PS to their phones (!!!) to use the phone apps until recently.

Thanks Dennis! Never thought I would use a phone app to post here :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t even know where to start! I finally figured a jury rigged method of getting images from the phone to the computer-for some reason they don’t want to talk with one another directly and I don’t want to burn up my data plan using an on-line storage system for raw files.

Hi Kathy,
This is a fun image that on first glance I thought was a close up of an insect! This is indeed quite dreamy, and I wonder which phone apps you used…Roll World or Tiny Planet? They are so much fun to play with. I enjoy the symmetry. You might crop a bit from the top as that part is less interesting but it’s great as it is.

Hi Kathy

Thanks!! I did indeed use Roll World. That program is quite addictive!


Hi Dennis

I just send them and then import to LR.
Very low tech but I don’t think I will do this so much that I will need any other system

Here is the original I worked with. I tweaked the exposure , saturation independent of Roll World .