The glory that shines forth from Zion

After going back to an old catalog to get the image I posted here, I realized that I probably should go back even further to see if I have any other files that I have missed. I have one LR catalog each year (I don’t even know why I do that) so it’s easy to miss images to work on if I have moved on to a new catalog. This one is from a trip to Zion in 2016. I had marked it for editing but for whatever reasons, I have not done anything about it. So, here we go.

As always, I love to hear your comments. Full disclosure, I was not able to get high enough to get this shot and I had the top of a bluff on the LRC that I cloned out. And then I extended the canvas to the top, bottom, and to the right. I am wondering if it’s overall still too tight.

After reading the comments below, I played with adding canvas to the left. It seems that adding too much will shift the brightest cliff to the right and making it feels imbalanced. My visual flow seems to stop once it goes to the shaded part of the cliff. I do think that as presented it was a little tight so I have added more room to the top, bottom, and to the left:



Hi Adhika,

I love shots like these. They a;ways have an mysterious/etherial feel to them. I think you have done a great job with this, both in processing and cloning the bluff out. Seeing that you have already extended the canvas I would extend it on the left too. I feel the lower corner of the mountain is close to the edge. It would also look like the clouds are wirling around the mountain more.

Other than that, a slight vignette to focus the eye. More on the right side of the image as the light is a bit darker on the left.


This is another sweet one from the archives. I would agree with @Eugene_Theron about adding a bit more on the left. No other suggestions. Real nice mood and feel to the image.

Thanks, @Eugene_Theron and @Harley_Goldman!

That suggestion to add more canvas on the left makes sense. I think it is a very good idea and it is not difficult to do.

I like the sense of mystery here. I agree that the left is a little tight and would feel more balanced with space like on the right. The border works well for me on this image

Thanks, @Nathan_Klein!

I just updated the original with a version with more rooms.

I understand you marked this as to be edited! I would love to have seen and taken this, I really like dramatic peaks with clouds and some good light hitting them. I was not very bothered by the bit tight left part, but after seeing your rework I’d really say that is the one to go with. I really like that touch of darker blue there too.

@Ron_Jansen, many thanks. It’s funny how some of these images go through the cracks. There is a silver lining to being locked down after all.

Coming in late here, but the rework nails it for me, the extra breathing room makes a big difference for me. I’ve been lucky enough to experience fog in Zion on a couple trips during the winter, and it can be a magical experience indeed. Your image captures the essence of what a magical place Zion can be during the right weather conditions. Very nicely done Adhika, I’m glad you went back and resurrected this image.