The Gram Blue

The place is now scorched. No macro life, my venture today was mostly spent searching for something among the dry grass.
This gram blue seemed to be the only inhabitant for miles.
Morning light on the red soil in the background, and I had my own shadow in the butterfly.

6DII, 180 Tamron, ISO200, f8, 1/100

Balan Vinod

Balan: Nicely crafted image and well seen. I might be tempted to crop some from the left side but that would be my only suggestion. >=))>

You played with the light beautifully, Balan - nice shot, I also love the simplicity of the composition.
Grt, Ingrid.

A strong and simple image. I would be tempted to remove the long upper OOF grass blade. The b’fly is the centerpiece of the image, which makes the grass blade slightly redundant, except as framing.