The hidden web

I found this at the botanical gardens and sat to take some photos. I tried moving around to find a better background and this was the best I could do

Specific Feedback Requested

What would be a good crop and keep the web in the photo, if there is any

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
canon 6D2 100-400 ii F/14 1/160 iso 400

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Nicely seen, Dean. I agree with you about trying to get the best background to show off the subject, sometimes it seems impossible. However, here, you have gotten the nice dark brown (stem or structure?) which highlights the spider for nicely.

Dean, I’m glad that you were able to go to the botanical garden. I enjoy doing that myself. Only got there once last year. Was the 100-400 lens the only one you had with you? I’m wondering if you had a macro lens on, if you might could have cropped out some of the distractions with it. F14 didn’t help matters either, as it gave you much more of the BG in focus. Sometimes after working a shot for a while and finding I’m just not getting a shot without a lot of distractions; I give up and go looking elsewhere for a more suitable subject. At a botanical garden you usually can find plenty. I can’t think of a crop that would fix the BG situation. Maybe someone else has an idea. It is good to see you back in the Macro category, and looking forward to more of your images/comments.

That is what I should have done @Shirley_Freeman and found another subject but it is still pretty cold here and very little rain. The insects are few. I forgot to add I had the D500 closeup lens. That works pretty good match for the 100-400 because the zoom is nice to have. I should have gone back for the 180, it would have worked better. I also still have the 90D but haven’t been using it much so might part with it, who knows.

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