The Ibex

One of the things I really enjoy is shooting patterns in ice on lakes during the winter. I know its overdone and everyone is doing it but I don’t care because it brings me joy. :slight_smile:
What caught my eye in this scene is how the dark lines kind of look like an Ibex or a goat. Do you see it too?

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All feedback is welcome!

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This is super cool Tom! Don’t feel bad for photographing something that brings you joy!
I love this. More of this please! =)

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As Matt mentioned, keep doing what you love. I love the image and the playfulness of the shapes. Really well seen and photographed Tom! I also love photographing ice patterns in winter. Sure some images tend to get repetitive but there is so much to explore and discovery. That’s the best part of photography for me. Keep it up!

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Fun capture, Tom! The more I stare at it the more I see. Love the colors and the whimsical feel.

All said above!! I love this and would love to see more of anything that brings you joy!

Wow this is such an interesting and unique capture, Tom! I love the details and shapes you’ve captured here- and this might be a little ‘cliche’ to say, but this reminded me of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare before Christmas” :smiley:

Wonderful shot, and thank you for sharing!

Tom, this is a great find. The Ibex shape stands out very clearly and the exclamation point above the tail is extra fun. I could also see this as some kind of heiroglyphic.

@Matt_Payne , @Alfredo_Mora , @linda_mellor , @Diane_Miller , @Misaki_Saito and @Mark_Seaver for your comments and your votes of confidence. I’m glad you like the image because I do too and had a lot of fun shooting it. :slight_smile:


Ooh, very cool! It took me a minute to see the ibex (which is a good thing - we want people to think about our photos). This is like an icy version of indigenous cave art animals.

This is great. So many great elements, but I think my favorite part is the cracks running through (which give it a much more natural and spontaneous feel).

I love that you love this and even more that you love it so much that you don’t care if it’s overdone. That is a rare thing to find in a person these days and speaks volumes. Anyway, I think your ice pattern works in many ways: to me, it’s a glyph or hieroglyphic, a magical message from parts unknown. But you see an ibex or a goat; that’s what makes abstract photography so great. Plus, I think it works well as just a photo, the lines, shapes, and colors are pleasing.

@Bonnie_Lampley , @Max_Waugh and @Pamela_Sherlock - thank you guys for the wonderful comments! :slight_smile:

Cool!!! (Pun intended!!) I like what Bonnie said about this being an icy version of cave art animals! I totally agree. The texture is great, and I like the colors. And the ibex!!!

Great shot, Tom. I love the colours!

Thank you @GennyK and @Mike_Friel . I’m glad you like the image!

Wow! Love this one Tom! It has a great winter feel with the blue looking like the sky and the spots looking like falling snow. The GOAT of all goats.

Thanks @AndreDonawa ! :slight_smile:

I also love photographing patterns on the ice. It’s nothing to apologize for, especially if you enjoy it. I love this one. (I see a rubber duckie)

This is great, Tom. I found mysel;f drawn into it and for a while didn’t see the ibex goat connection. The tonal gradation between areas of blue and white in the ice are ‘cool’ :wink: and the ice surface texture seems to set it off really well. A lovely wee playful image. Cheers.

This is absolutely fascinating. As a fellow lover of ice, even in all of my years closely studying the banks of streams, puddles, and the shores of lakes, I have never seen a design like this. Thank you for teaching me something new about nature!