The King

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any/all

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any/all

Any pertinent technical details: Taken at the Bronx Zoo several years ago, converted to black & White and used Topaz Simplify

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the treatment and B&W conversion.
The blank eyes bother me a little. Looks as if he has cataracts! :slight_smile:
If mine, I’d consider “selecting” the eyes, , inverting, and using the filter of all the OTHER parts of the image. Keeping the original dark intensity of the eyes might work well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will rework, probably by selecting the eyes off the original, and keeping them yellow.

Yes, change the eyes ( have to see with yellow retained to see if them better than monochrome). Also, tone down or remove the dark line mid-left. Very nice.

I do like the treatment, but agree with Sandy and Jim on minor edits. The background behind the head is excellent.

The eyes don’t bother me, it goes with the soft look… I would get rid of the black line on the left.

I reworked this and am posting the result.

Excellent, Patricia. The eyes work much better and I think the increased detail in the face in general works better. Beautiful image.

I agree with Dennis. Much better.