The Light Beyond

Clearing fall storm in the Sierra front range. Upon waking to a few inches of new snow I modified my plans and took a short hike into the front country to this overlook. Single exposure with a .75 GND.

5DSR, 70-200 f/4 IS L

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Wonderful mood and dramatic light. Ya gotta love the Sierra!

Beautiful. The hidden peak top provides a nice sense of mystery.


Glorious moment in time, beautifully captured.

Dave, This is beautiful. You captured this in wonderful conditions and I just love that light.

This is really nice… and processed well, a lot of contrast to the scene and you tamed it all.
I love the reflection, a mini scene until itself.

Truly stunning image you have there Dave!

Beautiful image Dave, I love the warm/cool contrast going on here, those mountains just jump out at the viewer.

What a beautiful and dramatic moment of light you’ve captured.

Wow Dave, this is really stunning!! Love the way those clouds frame the peaks and talk about some great light. One of the best shots I’ve seen lately.