The Lone Cirio

As the sun descended casting shadows, this boojum tree stood out against the sky.


Absolutely magnificent, Igor! The colours, composition and light is wonderful. This one needs to be framed.

Thanks. This is one of the few images which I saw ahead of time and waited for the light to be where I wanted it before pressing the button.

Striking color contrast with wonderful shadows and warm/cool light. Very artistic!

Oooh, lovely! The colors are great and it’s so well balanced.

I think I need to concentrate on these types of comps in the desert. It’s full of them. You just need to see them out of the maze of objects. And the good light is such a short window.

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A beautiful image, Igor. I love the shapes and the single tree sticking up in the gap works very well.

Tremendous Igor! My only comment is on the color of light in the L side of the image over the darker rocks. Here, the light color is white, whereas the color of the light hitting the opposite rock and tree are golden. I’m not sure it would improve the image at all, and may in fact ruin it, but I’d be tempted to experiment with coloring/warming the light in the lower L. side of the image.

I don’t follow, Jim. The lower left is all black from what I can see.

Igor: Really well seen and great timing on the light. I suspect what Jim is talking about is the rather cool light adjacent to the dark forms on the left. I can see his point but this works very well for me as is. My only 1 cent nit is the tiny speck in the corner of the rock forms in the LLC. Really well done. >=))>

I see. Here is the raw file straight out of the camera. There does seem to be some warmth to the sky but it pales compared to that of the rock. The rock itself is warm under any sort of light so the evening light likely enhanced it. I’m not sure about the physics of reflected light vs straight light. I know that visually the desert takes on a look as though it’s on fire just before sunset. In fact, rocks which appear white in mid day will look orange later on.

The speck on the rock just some tine plant growing out of a crack.

Igor, that tree stands out beautifully here. The kiss of late sun adds a fine touch of warmth in contrast to the blues and the darkness. Well seen and processed.

The composition is SO well seen! Your patience paid off in gorgeous color and tonalities. The gradient of light on the rock, getting lighter toward the top) against the opposite gradient in the sky (getting darker toward the top) is stunning!

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@Igor_Doncov - yes, @Bill_Fach is correct. I was referring to the light spilling over the dark rock as being of a different color temperature (cool) compared to the warmth of the reflected light. Sorry for the confusion!

Fantastic, @Igor_Hoveijn! I really like this composition and your use of negative space. You timed that lighting perfectly, definitely worth the wait. I think you are right about these types of compositions out in the desert. It can be easy to get lost in all the potential subjects out there. Especially when trying to capture a grand scene. Best to slow down and and focus on the smaller details. Seeing images like this reminds me that I need to do that more often in the desert.

Wonderful! I love this!

I’m flattered. I like so much of your work.

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