The lowdown

While out snowshoeing yesterday I kept an eye out for tree trunks that would fit with this week’s theme. This is probably a small yellow birch, but it was that tiny branch that caught my attention. Glad it wasn’t buried yet. We have more snow on the way today so it might be soon. I like the almost pastel colors in the tree. The more mature specimens in this preserve were among the yelllowest yellow birches I’ve ever seen.

Specific Feedback Requested

Should I clean up the snow more? I got rid of the largest bits of debris, but left this sprinkling.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr for basic RAW processing which was basically a nice curves adjustment with raised whites and lowered blacks - kept the shadows low, too, because the tree is so light in color. A bit of texture, clarity and sharpening. Ps to remove some dust spots from a dirty lens and some debris.

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Nice seeing! I like the story of the little limb reaching out. The fine debris on the snow lets me see its surface and is not at all distracting – I’d leave it.

Glad it works for you @Diane_Miller - the snow can get a bit grungy this time of year, but we just got a fresh coating yesterday.

I like the texture in the snow. Maybe even more? The snow with this light and angle can get a bit flat. Bring out any details that you have. I like the slight angle of the main tree trunk. Could play with this even more.

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