The Narrows

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any and all.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any and all.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

This is a 2 shot exposure blend basically for the mid section of the shot.

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Lovely comp and colors. The light and reflections on the water are terrific. I like the warm and cool colors.

The ‘electric’ blue just doesn’t work for me. It could be argued that it’s a matter of personal taste.

Thanks for the input @Igor_Doncov. I would say “electric” blue is a matter of taste. In my case I wasn’t going for electric blue nor much blue at all. I was toning down my whites which resulted in a blue that I didn’t particularly want, nor catch. I was doing this because I thought the brighter whites took away from that nice golden color I had going down the middle. So thanks for pointing that out. So this is more of what I was going for.

Thanks for the input @Kathy_Barnhart. I am glad that you liked it. But I did make a slight adjustment and pulled out some of the blues in the rocks and water. I hope you like it as well.


Another beauty of a rendition from the Narrows and the Virgin River. You also have that “in stream” perspective that is very effective.

The thumbnail unfairly makes this look non level - but upon opening it’s clear what’s going on and all is good and the rushing water leading the eye in to the frame is more than leveling.

I love the colors and reflection in the river, although they might be a little strong - well within personal choice. I’d say the blue/cyan was a little strong and most notably because of the cool cast of the rocks (and the “white” water.) Realizing too, that we’re in deep shady area with no direct sun, so some amount of coolness is expected.

Great job taming the highlights in the outer canyon there. If I had my wishes it might be for a wee bit more of shadow detail in a couple areas in the near wall in shadow. but that’s minor.

Well done!


Edit: posted my comments before reading any others. I like your rework, although - again, personal preference… :wink: you might split the difference. It’s ok that there is “some” blue/cyan…

Greg, nice image from the Narrows, the light in the river is spectacular. I think your rework does a good job addressing the comments that you have received. I too could see a littel more shadow detail on the right wall. This may be an optical illusion, but to my eye the image appears tilted clockwise, the river seems to lean to the right.

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Superb take of The Narrows Greg. I’m leaning with Lon on the cooler colors; I think keeping a touch in the shadows where I would expect them is a thought. I’d be tempted to apply your color change with a luminosity mask, so that the cooler colors stay in the dark, lightly effect the midtones, and your changes primarily affect the highlights.

Thanks @John_Williams, @Ed_McGuirk, @Lon_Overacker for the input. I decided to split the difference on the blue. I left some in the water and took it out of the rocks. From my experience with photographing cold waters you would expect some blue, whereas the rocks ( at about noon when this was taken ) shouldn’t have blue except at dawn/dusk. I probably over did the shadows for effect as much as anything. Ed if you click on the shot and look at the edge of the river where it disappears you will see it is level , this post could be tilted slightly to the left. Hope you like this rendition.

Nice changes Greg; I like this version better than the others.