The nesting count is low again this year.

fighting the sun all morning

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These photographs are from the Great Blue Rockery in Portland, Ct.
There are still over 20 nests, but I only saw 11 nesting pairs on April 26, at 7:30 AM and as you can see it was also the only time the sun would helping me out. The birds are nested in old standing tree around 80 yd of shore.
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Technical Details

Canon R5 & 1.4ext, f10, 700mm, 0 to +1.3 EV, ISO 640 to 2,000, 1/1600 and mono poll. The shots are cropped by around 60% and the highlighted, midtones, and gamma were adjusted in DXO PhotoLab 6.


Very good image quality, especially for that large a distance, Peter. I think the first is my favorite. The second might have been but the image quality isn’t quite as good as in the other two.

Another argument for bird photographers owning bucket lifts.

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Hi Dennis
Thank for the comment. I would add, inflatable boats, atv to skip the 15min. walk down and 20min walk up and last a 1000m f5.6 lens that does not cost $10,000.

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Wonderful series of images, Peter. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Peter, love behavioral interaction captured like this Peter especially the bird bringing in the branch. Nice poses caught in each image.

Hi Linda & Allen
Thank you for the comments.

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A very nice set of images, Peter. The interaction between the birds is always fascinating to observe, and you recorded it in a great way.
Distance and angle are our enemies with these kind of shots, I experience the same with the stork’s nest in my neighborhood. We don’t need lifts or inflatable boats, we need wings :smiley:
The only thing that stays to be resolved then is the 1000mm f5.6 (and the rock solid mount to use it).