The Old Elm Tree in Winter, Yosemite

I finally had managed to time it right to be available to leave home and drive into Yosemite at the same time as a snowstorm was predicted. I arrived in the afternoon, stayed overnight, and in the morning, the scenes around the Valley were simply stunning. It was a bit tricky getting around - even with boots - but I found the spot I wanted to be for this image.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Sony A7R II
Sony 24-105mm @ 58mm
1/50 sec at f/16


Oh, yeah! I know the tree. Great capture. I had the good fortune to get to do some shooting in the valley early one morning with a lot of fresh snow like this. Simply stunning to be there for it. Worth cold fingers and toes, huh

OH YES! Definitely worth it - and the cool thing was that I was the ONLY one out there - very surprising, actually…


Classic, and still so beautiful! Winter wonderland conditions. I even kinda like that Half Dome is partially obscured - it allows the elm tree to take center stage - but we still know Half Dome is lurking.

Looking like winter storm is heading this way… Monday could be awesome!


Very nice take on this iconic tree!

Nice winter scene. The tree is the attention getter, but the diagonal line with the clouds at the top finish the image of nicely. :+1:

Beauifully composed Brenda. Black and White is the ticket for this shot. I love how the tree is flanked by the forest and the mountains. Almost enveloped in a big “Mountain Hug”

Yes is sure it magical if you can time it right!

Thank you Todd, I appreciate your comments!

Beautiful! My favorite tree in Cooks Meadow. We got snowed in late January-in the valley 3 years ago. No one was allowed in or out of the valley for 4 days. Heaven!

Thanks, Holly! I was in the valley for that year as well. I typically get there at least once every winter, when I know a storm is coming. It was wonderful to be ‘stuck’ in Yosemite, right?!

Yes! I was also in the flood in 1964 when I was a little girl. They came and evacuated everyone out of the cabins at the Yosemite Lodge. We came back a few days later and the cabins had been flooded half way up the side of the building. Lots of Yosemite stories…