The path to follow

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I like the subdued tonality of this very much, Ben. Nicely composed, too, with that bend in the path to the lower R.

Hey Ben,

The only clue we have as to what you saw or were attracted to is the title. So I have to assume the path in the LR is the subject. I think clearly the forest has great interest, yet so does the path. For me compositionally, the path leads the eye away from the main forest. It’s also not well defined, but of course easily identified.

I think this could be improved by cropping to nearly square and eliminating the bigger tree on the left as well as what looks like a downed branch. This leaves the nicely leaning trees that are actually framing the path (I just noticed). that’s my thought anyway.


In reference to Lon’s comment, the issue of image titles is an interesting, even controversial one. Does it add to the experience of viewing the image or is it trying to redirect our attention?

I agree that it’s hard to figure out what attracted you to take this picture. Lon’s crop suggestion seems interesting except that you may end up with an imbalanced comp of light on the left and dark on the right.