The Predator

The rains have started, and quite heavy at times. I made a trip to the close by shrub forest, and it resulted in this image on a very cloudy day.

Am not a fan of additional lighting, and would prefer natural light. On this occasion, made an attempt with a single off camera flash. Just a touch of Light !

6D2, 180 Tamron, 100 ISO, 1/ 500 F16
Balan Vinod

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Balan: That hint of flash makes this good shot even better and brings out the small details against the dark BG superbly. Great find and an even better capture. >=))>

Great capture of this close-up look. Love the dark background.

This is an amazing photo Balan. The detail you’ve gotten is terrific. The black background totally helps to set off this praying mantis. Great photo.

Great look at this Praying Mantis, Balan. Looks like you used just the right touch of flash to make this little guy stand out nicely. I like the way the leaf is curled, and his stance. That black BG really works well to make him stand out nicely.

Balan, this is a great catch on this Mantis. The details in both the insect and it’s perch show well. The black background really lets the Mantis pop.

I have never used flash but this looks like a really nice use of it. Just enough and not too much. I like that nice head turn of the mantis to give you a look. Lovely.

Amazing image where everything is perfectly done - composition, exposure, focus, and the background. Flash used well. Great work!