The Quiet Playground

Each morning my wife and I go out for our daily walk. We’ve done this for a long time and now with the COVID-19 pandemic that walk provides the highlight of our day. We walk past this playground nearly every day. I carried my infrared converted camera on this day and couldn’t help but try to capture the quiet playground with no children laughing, the empty bench with no parents or grandparents enjoying the day and watching the children. I pray that we’ll get back to that soon, but hope our return will be guided by science and caution. Stay Safe Everyone.


Canon EOS-M, IR converted 590nm
18-55 @ 33mm
1/80, f/7.1, ISO 200

I like this quiet scene Keith. The composition is great, especially with the URC tree branches providing some framing. I also like the way the 3-pyramid roofline has room above it with an almost repeating shape (upside down “V”) formed by the left tree branch and the clouds. The leaves in the left tree are also looking pretty nice to me! Great image!