The Running Dog (Heart & Soul)

Heart nebula complex in the Northwest sky. In this orientation it is called the Running Dog.
Taken 4-16-2021, Stub Stewart park, Oregon

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Modified Nikon D610
300mm f2.8 lens at f2.8
Star adventurer tracker.
56-2 minute light frames.
18 dark
20 flat
20 bias
Stack in Astropixel, PP in Capture one and Affinity photo

Beautiful. One of the sub categories of the color spectrum: Hydrogen Red.

Very nice, with great detail and composition!

Wow! I had no idea the a 300mm focal length could pick up details in a nebula like this.

How do you know where to position the camera? I take it there is not much you can see with the naked eye?

Thanks Nathan, the nebula is in a black void in the sky but surrounded by 4 stars that you use to guide you. It is not easy but I shot some tests at high iso and could see nebula so you go for it…
Stellarium and other apps on your phone are very useful.
I also used a 135mm lens in the area before to locate.
A 300mm lens is enough to shoot a lot of deep sky objects. A telescope is better but I already have this lens which I use for Birds with extenders.
The modified D610 is about as good as it gets. It has HA filter and heat sink and you stack iso400 files and get ZERO noise, I mean none at any crop.

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