The Silence of Stokksnes

A clearing storm over the Vesturhorn mountains, in my opinion the most magical conditions one can witness in nature. The wind dies down, the storms clear and mountains reveal themselves.

Canon 5DMk4, 11-24mm at 11mm, ISO 100, f11, 1.6s.

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This image could used in a master class on composition. So many things working together in harmony on this image, not to mention the beautiful scene.

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Fantastic work! Really love how you captured this image along with the great composition!

The atmosphere in the image is amazing and the subtle tones with the stark black leading is fantastic and a compositional triumph! Great job!

Wow!!! What a fantastic scene to be in and witness! Great capture.

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Great to hear those comments about the composition guys @Keith_Bauer @Nick_Bristol @Martin_Gonzalez

Kah Kit, amazing image, great composition, and I love the way the water in the surf looks.

Shooting Canon myself, I’ve sometimes wondered whether the 11-24mm lens would be worth getting, But I usually conclude, how often could I really use something that wide? Thank you for showing us the amazing possibilities of this lens.

Wonderful atmosphere and excellent lines. I’m totally with you on clearing storms in the mountains.

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I like the composition and the generally soft tones. Having been shot so wide, its almost hard for me to wrap my mind around the scale of the foreground–I am sure it must have been very small right?

Smallish but I was still able to set it up on my tripod without having to splay the unextended legs.