The Storm

We had a big storm moved through the South Puget Sound region last Sunday night into Monday morning. We lost power about 5 AM Monday for about 11 hours. There were times during the storm when winds were sustained at 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. I decide to go out and take some pictures and looked for something different.

Several participants in several galleries have been doing intentional camera movement (ICM). In this case the camera stationary and there is a 400 mm telephoto with a 2X extender. This is intentional subject movement. I don’t know if this works or not but I would sure like to hear some thoughts. I posted three different images of this Japanese maple in my backyard in the windstorm. I did some cropping and color adjustment but that’s about it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 50, 400+ 2X extender, F-16, about 15th of the second ±, Sony A1

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Hi David, the third one really, really works for me. I’ve tried this type of imagery and never have succeeded…wind too slow or too fast, I guess.

Anyway, image 3 has just the right amount of movement where the leaves are a swirl while the branches are clearly defined. I think it rocks.

I vote for number three for its totality. The others have bits that have different directionality and it sort of breaks up the story. The third almost looks life flames. Great job braving the elements so far as you did. We get horrific winds here sometimes, but mostly it’s just windy. I’ve done some long exposure like this, but not in such dramatic conditions. I really should put my mind back to that again.

I think these all work very well! There is a very interesting complexity to the first one.

All of them are beautiful, but I particularly like the flow of the top and bottom images. The flow of both is evident in both the direction of the movement and in the supporting lines of the branches.

The color looks fine, but as many of you are learning that any comment on the color, hues, etc. from me should be dismissed.

The middle image doesn’t seem to have a strong directional feel and thus seems to lack a narrative.

It is very difficult to pick a favorite but the third works really well. I can picture circumstances where any of them might provide a nice illustration for a book or children’s story or a background for some text like poetry. The hard line of the branch is a bit distracting in the first image. All three images seem both poetic and musical to me.

Really nice captures, David. I like all 3 but I think the middle one is my favorite. I like the more blurred leaves in the background with the branch of leaves standing out in the front. They all are beautiful!

This reminds me very much of flames both in color and in the way it moves. So I’d maybe consider playing up this aspect of it. Maybe a strong Orton effect or some other type of glow would be useful.

I thought the same as Tony about fire., particularly the third shot. I like the second shot as it combines both a sense of motion and also shows some leaves fairly static.

David: The first and third images connect best with me as the movement is more overt and I like what it’s done with the color. Nicely conceived and executed.>=))>