The Tower

Recently back from a 3 month trip which started in Europe and ended in Patagonia. I’ve been using a telephoto for landscapes a lot more in the past couple of years. While waiting for the great Fitz Roy to reveal itself I found some other compositions to occupy myself.

Canon 5DMk4, 100-400mm

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

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I like this kah Kit. We often see wide angle shots of the Fitzroy range but the telephoto really shows how dramatic that range is.

I also like the magenta cast and the atmospheric conditions which you captured.

I’m wondering whether you tried adding a vignette in your processing or whether you tried warming up the mountain tip which is catching the light

I like the unusual treatment of this well know location. The combination of telephoto extraction and a softer, delicate hand in processing makes for a more unique view of this location. I very much like the soft pastel colors, and soft gauzy light in this scene, the image has a very calm and soothing feeling to it as a result. My only nitpick is that I wish there was a sliver more sky above the top of peak for extra breathing room. If you wanted to go that route, it should be easy to accomplish with Content Aware Fill if you don’t have a bracket with more sky.

Hello Kah, I really like the light and atmospheric conditions that you captured, it makes the mountain look majestic and imposing. The only thing I would suggest is that the image needs a little more sky because my eyes are traveling up the leading line to the peak of the mountain and it feels like it ends a little too soon. Other than that this image is beautiful! I hope this was useful.

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Kah Kit,

Oh My! There’s much to be said about “location, location, location!.” Fantastic choice with the telephoto. The longer focal length does wonders taking a broad, grand landscape in to more of an intimate landscape, yet still on a grand scale.

Love the processing, no suggestions/nits there. Oh, I suppose you could warm and pop the color of the light hitting the peak, but that’s personal and subjective. I would agree with more space above, but as presented, there’s just enough.

Fabulous imagery.


Hi Kah,

Epic Image! Great telephoto composition with the light and clouds hitting the center peak and forming kind of a S curve throughout the image. My only suggestion would be to maybe burn the backside of that main peak to give the peak and overall image a bit more contrast.

Absolutely love this image! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Such impressive peaks! In beautiful light. The cold blues in the bottom / the shadows go beautifully together with the soft pinkish light. A stunning image from Patagonia. And another reminder that I have to work on my wide-angle addiction (I’m trying!).
After three months of travelling you must have a lot of images to go through!